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Post-Conference Tours

Guided tours on a fee-paying basis on Friday 15th, Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th July, 2016.

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To continue your « Terra 2016 » Experience, we propose you to discover the earthen architectural heritage of the region through 3 guided visits distributed over 3 days (departure from the Centre de Congrès in Lyon).

Friday 15th of July – Tour in Lyon

This tour proposes a panorama of earthen architecture through the exhibition « Ma terre première pour construire demain » in the musée des Confluences, the discovery of the rammed earth heritage of the city of Lyon, and a prospective vision of the future of this building material through a guided visit of the Prototype ‘terra nostra’.

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Saturday 16th of July - Tour in Ain region

The territories of the Dombes and Bresse possess a high quality architectural heritage strongly linked to its landscape and resources: water and earth.  In the Dombes, the more available timber was used in the construction of wooden frames and to produce baked bricks.

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Sunday 17th of July – Tour in North Isère region

Between heritage and contemporary architecture, the diversity of the visited sites and of the encountered actors, will let us discover the multi-faceted nature of the rich rammed earth heritage and the contemporary dynamics of the revival of earthen architecture in the region.

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