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VISA – Request for Invitation Letters

ATTENTION – To be read carefully

Depending on your nationality, a visa can be required for entering in France. You have to apply for a visa before your departuree at the French Embassy or Consulate of your country.
Please visit the website of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs for all necessary information and requested documents.

To support your visa application, you can request an official invitation to participate to the Terra2016 Congress. No invitation letters will be issued if the participant is not registered and if the participation fee has not been paid.
Please send your request for an invitation letter by e-mail to

This invitation letter is provided for the purpose of attending the Terra2016 Congress.
Its use for fraudulent purposes is at your entire responsibility.

Moreover, the information provided for issuing the invitation letter can be communicated to the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

All expenses involved in relation to the attendance of the Congress are the sole responsibility of the participant.

In case of visa refusal, please refer to the cancellation conditions.

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