Instructions for the publication of articles in the acts

TERRA 2016: Instructions for the editing of the acts

Instructions for writing the final articles:

  • The article is written in one single column and about 3 600 words maximum for the entire article, including the summary, the bibliography, authors’ biographical notices and captions of the illustrations.
  • The title of the article fits in one line, in Arial 14, bold, black.
  • 1 line break (font size 14).
  • This is followed by a reminder of the theme and sub-theme in which the article is located, in Arial 12, bold, black.
  • 1 line break (font size 12).
  • Authors’ names, in Arial 10, bold, black, immediately followed by the names of the institutions of the authors, in Arial 8, light, black.
  • 7 lines breaks (font size 8).

Writing the articles :

  • The article is written in Arial 12, light, black. French, Spanish or English can be used. No personal enrichment of the text is proposed.
  • The summary is written in a maximum of 200 words. It presents the objectives, methods and results.
  • 1 line break (font size 26).
  • Then the article begins by an introduction, written in a maximum of 300 words.
  • The author/s develop/s the article into a considered number of parts, as wished.
    • Titles (1, 2, 3 ...) of each part, following the introduction, are written in Arial 12, bold, black, upper case letters.
    • The subtitles of each part (1.1., 1.2., 1.3. / 2.1., 2.2.…) are written in Arial 12, bold, black, small letters.
    • 1 line break between the end of one part (1, 2,…) and the following (font size 26).
    • 1 line break between the end of a sub part (1.1., 1.2.., …) and the following (font size 20).
  • The article ends with a conclusion, which upgrades programme outcomes, research project or interest of the case study and prospects for future development.


Title in Arial 10, gras, noir.

  • 1 line break (font size 20).

Bibliographic references just include publications mentioned on the paper.

Check the good integration of the references in the text of the article…(Frey 2010)…

The references are written in Arial 10, light, black, and in the following format :

  • Frey, P. (2010). Learning from vernacular, Actes Sud, Arles, p. 22.
  • Houben, H. et Guillaud, H. (1989). Traité de construction en terre, Parenthèses, Marseille.
  • Serres, M. (2003). Le temps humain : de l’évolution créatrice au créateur d’évolution. Dans PICQ, P., et al., Qu’est-ce que l’humain ? Editions Le Pommier, Paris.
  • Doat et al. Consrutire en terre, Alternatives, Paris.


  • It is accepted a maximum of 10 illustrations for the full article with photographs, drawings, charts and tables. Each proposed illustration is referenced in the text (Fig. 1 / Fig. 2, etc.). The caption of each illustration is written in one line at most, in Arial 10, light, black, in italics.

Authors’ biographical notices

Maximum of 4 to 5 lines, in Arial 10, light, black

Sending back your articles:

Articles will be sent back for last review by the Editing committee. Deadline 30th April 2017, at the following address:, in Word and pdf formats

The title of the annexed document (the reviewed article) will mention: TERRA 2016_n° of the Theme_author’s surname_identification n° of the article.

Deadline for sending back your articles: April 30th, 2017.


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